#Limitless – St James youth

#Limitless – St James youth team:


Everyone needs a safe place to explore and experiment, especially when we are young.
At St. James we provide that kind of an experience for our youth – a purposely- planned series of events and discussions that provide an opportunity to explore the breadth of the Christian tradition, to ask questions and express doubts, and to discover what they truly believe.
This program is an essential part of preparing for Confirmation, by which our young people determine if they wish to claim for themselves (confirm) the promises and affirmations made on their behalf when they were baptized as infants. Those wishing to be confirmed will need to complete the full 2-year cycle to qualify for Confirmation.
It is also a valuable ongoing opportunity for building community and increasing familiarity with the Christian faith for any of our youth who may have already been confirmed in the past couple of years, or for those who just want to explore.
Recent research has shown that young people who remain connected to their faith and to communities of faith past the age of 21 do so for because of several factors. The two top factors have to do with being able to talk about their faith at home and being connected to older people in a community who take their faith development seriously. We believe this program helps build this foundation for them, and for the families they create in the future.
We will meet the 3rd Sunday of each month during the next school year, following the 10 o’clock service. Each session will be approximately 2 hours long, with time for lunch.

Here is the tentative schedule for 2017/18:

Sunday, September 24 Blanket exercise Interactive exploration of Reconciliation Issues (parents welcome to participate)

Sunday, October 15
Sunday, November 19 Meet your Mentor Time to meet an older partner
Sunday, December 3 Advent Discovery Session Exploring Expectation and Hope
Sunday, January 21 Bishop John Chapman as our Guest Do you have questions about church, about life, about being a bishop? Bring them!
Wednesday, February 14 Ash Wednesday Activity Day Exploring themes of Reflection, Forgiveness and Helping Others
Wednesday, March 28 Stations of the Cross – Holy Week An Intergenerational, interactive experience – with supper!
Sunday, April 15
Sunday, May 27 Scripture:

Games Night:
Once a month our youth aged 9-17 are invited to bring their friends and themselves to a Friday evening Games night. Snacks and drinks provided from 6:30-9:00 pm in Tomkins Hall

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CLAY 2018 Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth a youth conference we attend every second year!

Thunder Bay, ON #ThunderCLAY http://claygathering.ca/introducing-steve-greene-clay-2018-storyweaver/

August 15 – 19, 2018. Please see Donna Rourke with any questions

Young people studying in in grade 11 through first year college/university may be interested in the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Youth Internship Program.

Games night, sleepover and breakfast with the best youth ever!

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2014 Community Christmas Cookie Baking:

For the 3rd year running, Supper Man has coordinated a community Christmas baking activity  for the members of the parish family and the Manotick community. Members of the  F.A.I.T.H. Team always come to bake cookies for future church events. i.e. Christmas parade/Hyfield place, Gingerbread decorating lunch, Advent retreat and the first ever sleep over.

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Bowling in North Gower: Friday November 14, 2014

The Jr. Youth Group, the F.A.I.T.H. team and some of their families joined together last evening in North Gower for an evening of bowling. The Jr. Youth group collected food items for the food bank and a free will offering was collected for CHEO.

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Random Acts of Kindness: From November 12 and November 15

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CLAY 2014

CLAY (Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth) 2014 in Kamloops. A group of 9 youth( 5 from our parish) from the Ottawa Diocese attended CLAY 2014 in August.  CLAY is a gathering with youth from across Canada. It takes place every two years at different locations across the country; alternating between east, west and central Canada.  It is a youth-centered program that empowers youth and develops leadership. The kids encounter scripture in ways that matter to them, experience ancient and modern ways of worship, participate in special interest ministry projects, social events, listen to awesome speakers and the Best Band Ever as well some time to explore the city they are. A quote from Cross Talk “What an amazing experience for each of us!   There was the best band ever [featuring Zack Ingles and Colin Houston from St. Albans, Ottawa], amazing key note speakers, ministry projects to suit all gifts, outreach opportunities, the best band ever, late night events, and quiet worship to end the long day. New friendships were created, old friendships were cemented and of course the best band ever! It was exhausting, exciting and absolutely Worth it!” 

Check out our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhwnSRjnQ1A&list=UUgeGUZSyZQ2obtxGqalpb1g you will need to copy and past the link into your browser!

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Celebrating Breanna’s High School Graduation, the Class of 2014, where does the time go…..

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2014 Car Wash: Was held Saturday June 14th from 9 am –1:30 pm at Jack May Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd on 3788 Prince of Wales Dr.
 We advertised this as a great gift idea for Father’s Day –Our amazing group of youth did something VERY special for this car wash, their last CLAY (Canadian Lutheran & Anglican Youth) fundraising event. We have a group of 13  people from our diocese attending the conference in Kamloops B.C. this August. We had already raised enough funds to attend this conference and the youth unanimously decided that all proceeds from this, their last fundraiser, would be used to help other kids who would love to go but cannot afford the cost! How proud we all are, of this incredible act of kindness! The response from the  organizers of the CLAY Conference when advised of this offer is below: Registrar: “Thank you SO MUCH for your generous offer to help out another group!
I was just so excited to read your email this morning, and it’s really stayed with me all day. This is exactly the kind of community that events like CLAY promotes, and I’m so pleased to be a part of facilitating it!”

With our friends, Monique, Nora and Lily from the Parish of Huntley,  Rachel from St Matthews and the awesome support of our friends and incredible parishioners,  we raised $810.00 and counting! The diocese has agreed to match us dollar for dollar up to $500.00. So we will be sending $1310.000 to  ensure 2 other home teams are able to attend! What a proud day for us!!!!

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1st Annual Youth BBQ for ages 9-18 –  The Jr. Youth and the F.A.I.T.H. Team joined together to have a BBQ supper, eat ice cream Fridaes(sundae) without a spoon, have birthday day cake (Happy Birthday Erica) participate in group activities and play a game of soccer baseball! The F.A.I.T.H Team went to DQ afterwards.

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Miscellaneous and Random pictures from 2013/14  


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