Saint Mary the Virgin

anthony_cole-virgin_maryOn August 15 we celebrate the Feast of Saint Mary the Virgin, the principal feast of Mary in all branches of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic church.  Because she is regarded as the greatest of the saints and the first Christian, today marks the chief Saint’s day which the church commemorates year-by-year.

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Summer Choir Party 2017

After the 10 am service on Sunday June 25, members of the choir gathered at Spruce and Marsha’s home for a summer picnic. As it turned out, the weather didn’t cooperate, but everyone had a good time anyway. Continue reading

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Saint James

St_James_the_Great_the_ApostleJuly 25 marks the Feast Day of Saint James, our patron saint.  As his commemoration day falls in midsummer, when so many of us are away, we in this parish transfer the celebration of Saint James to the fall.

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Canada at 150

 Special events  will be held across the country on July 1 to mark 150 years of Confederation.  For Ottawa, this is a year-long celebration, but July 1 will be the highlight. As we celebrate, reflect on what Canada means to you.

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