The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF)  is the Anglican Church of Canada’s agency for sustainable development, relief, refugees, and global justice. With the support of Anglican parishes across Canada, PWRDF makes financial and human resources available to support partners’ initiatives and to promote knowledgeable actions of solidarity at home and around the world.

PWRDF strives to be a part of the outreach ministry of every Canadian Anglican parish and an expression for all Anglicans of their baptismal covenant to strive for justice and peace and to respect the dignity of every human being.


The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund came into existence as a result of a terrible human tragedy in Canadian history. In 1958, in Springhill, Nova Scotia, there was an underground explosion in a coal mine, 174 men were in the mine when it collapsed, and 75 died in the disaster. The tragedy moved Anglicans and other Canadians to respond with assistance for the stricken families. Because of this experience, the church recognized the need for an efficient process to channel assistance quickly in situations of emergency.

In 1959, The Primate’s World Relief Fund was established by the General Synod. In 1969, the name of the organization was officially changed to The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund which reflected the agency’s maturing program focus and philosophy. PWRDF came to see that much deeper, long-term development needs were strongly connected to most of the suffering caused by natural or human-provoked disasters. Even more significantly, PWRDF realized that people who experienced these problems first-hand were in the best position to develop long-term solutions.

The newly renamed Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund moved in the 1970s with a commitment to addressing long-term development needs and to working in partnership with local communities and organizations. During this decade, PWRDF also became more active in public engagement. The Fund recognized the need to engage Canadians in the issues of tackling injustice. The General Synod gave PWRDF the responsibility of coordinating a development education program for the whole Church in order to close the gap between donors and recipients.

In the 1980s, PWRDF became very active in working with refugees and in 1984 the Refugee Subcommittee and the Refugee Coordinators Network were both established. PWRDF has built a strong program for the support and advocacy of uprooted peoples, including refugees, internally displaced populations and migrant workers, internationally through relief and development programs, advocacy, and monitoring of human rights, and in Canada through networking, and education.

PWRDF has continued to grow and build a strong programs and global partnerships. In 1999, PWRDF mandated a national Youth Initiative to engage young Canadians on social justice issues.

In the year 2000, with support from The Anglican Church of Canada, PWRDF became a separately incorporated agency with recognition and approval of the Canadian federal government under the title: The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund/ Le fonds du Primat pour le secours et le développment mondial”. PWRDF’s guiding principle is to listen and learn from partners in its development work. It remains a Christian organization, committed to a vision of international development and global justice that is founded on theological reflection and a faith-based analysis.

How PWRDF Works

PWRDF works in partnership with organizations in Canada and throughout the world to support people-centred development that improves the quality of daily life for vulnerable populations, promotes self-reliance, and addresses root causes of poverty and injustice. PWRDF is active in 22 countries, and also accompanies Uprooted People including victims of disasters, refugees, internally displaced people, and migrant workers. PWRDF partners are drawn from Anglican churches, ecumenical organizations and community-based groups. Partners address the root causes of problems and accompany communities as they move beyond survival into sustainable development.

PWRDF’s work focuses on Food Security, Health Care, Humanitarian Relief and Refugee Support, Poverty Reduction, and Human Rights and Peace work with its 58 partners.  PWRDF also responds to emergency situations by providing humanitarian relief to those most affected by hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, famine and the like.

How can YOU help?

PWRDF’s continuing programs such as the Maternal, New-born and Child Health Progams need long-term commitment.  This is best achieved by regular weekly or monthly donations to PWRDF through your regular contributions to the work of St. James.

PWRDF’s Emergency Appeals need  immediate support to respond to relief efforts in the wake of environmental disasters such as Hurricane Irma and the recent earthquakes in Mexico.  The various ways in which donations can be made are listed below.

How To Give

Your support is vital. Join PWRDF in supporting our partners to carry out their life giving work.

You can make a world of difference. Here’s how:

Donate through your regular contributions to the work of St. James, simply designate the amount you wish to donate to PWRDF.

Donate Online through Canada Helps. PWRDF works with CanadaHelps to accept donations electronically using your credit card and their secure website. Giving through CanadaHelps is secure, easy, fast and direct for donors and it saves costs for PWRDF.

Donate By Mail – Please make cheque payable to The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund and indicate in the memo line on your cheque if you are directing your donation to a specific cause. Then mail to:

The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund
The Anglican Church of Canada
80 Hayden Street
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 3G2

Donate Your Vehicle – You can donate the proceeds from your old car through Donate a Car Canada’s vehicle donation programme.

Donate Securities – Donating securities is another way you can support the work of PWRDF.  Under federal tax regulations, you can donate appreciated securities to PWRDF without paying any capital gains tax.  You will also receive a tax receipt for the full value of the shares.  To donate securities, please contact Garry Smith at 613-362-1069 or at for details.



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