Following Christ’s order to love one another, the Outreach group sees itself as a facilitator and enabler, in some small way, of this command. The Outreach Committee provides three types of outreach.

The first consists of personal contact with needy families in our immediate area. These are families that are visited or phoned on a regular basis.  Our goal is to help them meet their immediate needs and to move them toward self-sufficiency.

The second type of outreach consists of responding to the many requests for help we receive from social and religious organizations throughout the year. One example of this is the Refugee Sponsorship Program.

Another form of outreach is pastoral care, in which visitors from the parish provide human contact and spiritual care to those who are ill or shut in.

St. James’ continues to give generously to outreach recipients, families and individuals, as well as offer aid to those in crisis situations.   Please see note below – Nepal Earthquake.

Response to Nepal Earthquake
The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) has announced an initial grant of $20,000 in relief funds for Nepal after the devastating earthquake of April 25. It is working with ACT Alliance whose Kathmandu offices began providing immediate relief– food, water, shelter and medical supplies– within hours of the quake. (ACT Alliance is a coalition of 140 churches worldwide, working in the areas of humanitarian aid, development and advocacy.)

All donations to PWRDF between April 25 and May 25, 2015 for the Nepal earthquake relief efforts will be matched, dollar for dollar, by the Government of Canada into their Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund, which will be used to provide humanitarian relief in the wake of this catastrophe.

You can support our relief efforts in Nepal:

  • Through our Weekly Offering: Clearly mark on both the offering envelope and your cheque (if applicable), “PWRDF, Nepal Earthquake”. These funds will be forwarded to PWRDF.
  • Online: Go to www.pwrdf.org, and designate your online donation for “Nepal Earthquake”.
  • By Phone: For credit card donations contact Ricky de Castro, 1-866-308-7973  (Please do not send your credit card number by email or fax.)
  • By Mail: Please make cheques payable to “PWRDF”, mark them for “Nepal Earthquake” and send them to:  The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund, The Anglican Church of Canada, 80 Hayden Street, Toronto, Ontario  M4Y 3G2.

Please continue to pray for the people of Nepal and the relief workers searching for the living and caring for the injured and displaced.


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