Parish Corporation
The Religious Institutions Act of Ontario and the Diocese of Ottawa Canons, Bylaws and Regulations make it clear that the overall responsibility for management of parish finances lies with the incumbent and the churchwardens (the parish corporation). Usually delegated to a parish treasurer are the responsibilities for maintaining accounting records, preparing financial statements, and the maintenance of adequate internal control. In some parishes a finance committee oversees this work

At St. James, the Corporation is a small team that is responsible for the daily operations of the parish. They also act as a sounding-board for the Rector. The Corporation consists of the Rector of the Parish, the two Wardens, the two Deputy Wardens, and the Treasurer.

At present the Corporation of the parish consist of:

The Venerable Ross Hammond, Rector – (;

Susan Dowler and Cheryl Sevigny, Wardens;
Ron Brophy and Robert Gillett, Deputy Wardens;

Stephen Hellard, CPA, CGA, Treasurer – (

Members of the Corporation are always available to hear questions, concerns or suggestions. Contact the Corporation members through the Church Office or speak to them directly.

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