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You can send your comments in one of two ways.  The simplest is to use the ‘Contact Us’ feature.  This sends me your comments by email, and is private.

The second way is by registering as a subscriber.  Your comment are then public, and can lead to other comment in turn, so that a dialogue results. If you wish to make comments concerning posts (e.g., newsletters, sermons, scrapbook photos), you’ll need to register as a subscriber. The heading ‘Login’ is found at the bottom left of each screen. After clicking ‘Register’, you should enter a user name and an email address.  You’ll then receive an email with an obscure alphanumeric password; you can change this by logging in to the ‘Dashboard’. Once this process is complete, you’ll see this at the end of many pages and recent posts:

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CommentType in your comment and click on ‘Post Comment’.  Your first comment will go to a moderator for checking; if it’s OK, it will be posted.To preserve the integrity of the site, I must reserve the right to edit or delete comments that are inappropriate.  Similarly, if you as a viewer see any comment that seems unacceptable, please send me a note via the ‘Contact Us’ link.  I hope, though, that such a situation will never arise.Please note that it isn’t necessary to register to have access to the site; it’s entirely optional, but it does allow you the opportunity to participate.

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The next stage is that of taking responsibility for a page on the site.  If you are a member of a parish group, I encourage you to volunteer in maintaining that group’s page.   Participation of this kind requires very little in the way of computer skills.  You can learn the basics from the post Getting Started on the Saint James’ Website. Beyond that, get in touch with me by email, and I’ll provide some help.

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Spruce Riordon