Sweet Suite 2017

Photos from Louise Cooper, Wayne Whitney, Cathy Wilson

Offering ‘Sweet Suite’ on Sunday May 28, the choir presented a series of popular songs well known to many at Saint James’.  As a special item Choir Director Ellen Badcock arranged a Canadian Medley, including pieces by Leonard Cohen, Alanis Morissette, and Justin Bieber. During the intermission attendees sampled a wide variety of different mouth-watering sweets. As an encore, the ‘Kazoo Concerto’ was a surprising and hilarious finale.  Our thanks go to Ellen and the choir for a thoroughly enjoyable evening!

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Singing Together
Sing out loud!
The Guys
Doo Wah
Caitlyn - Sesame Street
Kazoo Concerto
Wayne, Ellen
Cecil and Elaine
Jane and Todd
The Ladies
Singing Together

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