South Carleton Area Parish: Update

July 2017

An Update Regarding
South Carleton Area Parish
and Information Sessions

You will recall that on June 29th I sent out a message
announcing a series of information meetings
related to a proposal from Bishop John Chapman to
involve St. James in the creation of a new Area Parish working with
four other churches (Holy Trinity, Metcalfe; St. Paul’s, Osgoode;
St John’s, Kars; and Holy Trinity, North Gower).
Since those meeting dates were announced, the Bishop has received
expressions of concern from all the churches involved,
similar to what I heard at our first information meeting,
regarding the differences between the 4 rural congregations
and ourselves, and how those differences would negatively
affect the functioning of a single Area Parish.
Recognizing the validity of those concerns, the Bishop has now
asked  the four rural churches to consider working together.
This means that St. James, Manotick, is no longer being asked
to participate and there is now no further need for the
information sessions announced.
Therefore all remaining sessions have been cancelled.
Father Ross
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