Planning for 2017

It is that time of year again when we prepare next year’s operating budget for the parish.

Last year, we introduced a more collaborative approach to budgeting in an effort to include parishioners in this process. We asked you to fill out an intentions form in order to determine our revenue expectations and then we built our budget on your pledges. As you may recall, this did involve cutting some expenses.

Thanks to your generosity and your commitment to your pledges, it appears that this new approach is working. As of the end of September 2016, we find ourselves operating with a manageable deficit of $3,285. This compares with a deficit of $25,657 at this time last year.

Once again, we would like everyone connected to the parish to prayerfully consider what they can contribute to the operating budget of the parish over the coming year (2017). Then, we would like you to print and fill in this form (which you can download to your computer), indicating your financial intentions and bring or send the completed form to the church by Sunday, November 27, 2016.

Many people like to donate using the pre-authorized admittance (PAR). You can download the form here.

(Copies of these forms are available at the church also.)

Please do NOT include special gifts (e.g., memorial flowers) or designated funds like the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) in your estimate – just money that you would like to be used for the ongoing operation of the parish. The amount you indicate can, of course, be changed or cancelled if your circumstances require it.

Rest assured that the Wardens will not be given anyone’s individual information but only the total amount of pledges. They will use this information to prepare a draft budget for 2017, which will be published in late January for your review and input. A final budget will be discussed and voted on at our Annual Vestry Meeting on February 26, 2017.

Here is some information that may help you in your decision-making:


(Click on image to view enlarged version)

If we maintain our ministry programs at their current levels, the operating budget for
2017 will be around $345,000, which amounts to a 7% increase over this year’s budget.


The pie chart above shows a breakout of our receipts. As you can see, our ministries are primarily funded by our envelope offerings every Sunday.

Your participation in this budgetary process is greatly appreciated, as is your continued faithful support of our parish ministries.

Yours in Christ,

Ross Hammond, Rector
Lynda Turner, Sr. Warden                                   Susan Dowler, Warden
Cheryl Sevigny, Deputy Warden                         Ron Brophy, Deputy Warden

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