Fr. Ross: On General Synod

101113 fayre ross (1a)As many of you already know, the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada voted two weeks ago to begin the process of changing the marriage canon to include same-sex couples in this sacrament of the church.

This was and is much more complicated than that simple statement, with far-reaching implications for us collectively and as individuals.

Some rejoice in this as the best decision following years of work for greater inclusion in the church; others see the positive pastoral implications for some individuals and some of our parishes and yet have concerns about the impact on the wider Anglican Communion; and still others simply cannot reconcile this decision with their understanding of marriage or of scripture.

As a gay man whose marriage was unable to be officiated by my parish priest, I am one of those who sees this as a good outcome.

While Rev. Andrea and I both support the decision made by General Synod, we recognize that in our own parish not everyone is of the same mind. Our commitment as priests is to all we serve, not just those who agree with us on some issues.

 If you want to know more, you can talk with Jordan about what it was like at General Synod and you can talk with me about what some of the possible implications could be for our parish as events unfold.

May we all continue to live in the grace of Jesus Christ as we minister to and through each other in this community.

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