Fr. Ross: Working with Youth

101113 fayre ross (1a)Working with the Youth Interns as a Faith Formation leader reinforced for me the vast possibilities God has made available to us through our young adults. When we shared our personal ‘faith stories’ I learned about how we each respond to God in a way and context that is truly unique. When we explored why the concepts of ‘faith’ were important to us, the conversation was especially rich, suddenly full of depth and nuance, most of which was initiated by the interns. When we talked about our ongoing faith journeys, the focus was not on the past, but on the future – full of energy and expectation, and yet already moulded by experience of being part of the kingdom of God.

-comments on July 24, 2016 at the commissioning of the Saint James’  youth group attending CLAY, the Conference of Lutheran and Anglican Youth.

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