Christmas Fayre 2015

151114 christmas fayre shirley, caroleOur annual Christmas Fayre took place on Saturday November 14, with plenty of participants coming in from the cold to have coffee, tea, snacks, and lunch.  As well, of course, they had a wide choice of items to purchase – baked goods, crafts, books, and a special area set aside for the children to make small purchases (maybe a toy, or a gift for Mum or Dad).  Our thanks go to all of those who worked so hard to make the day a success.

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A young customer
151114 christmas fayre children.jpg
Judy and grandchildren
151114 christmas fayre derek, diana.jpg
Darwin and Lynda
Enjoying a snack
Menu (and there was more)
Welcome all!
And here's Santa!
Good gifts here
Getting things ready
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