Sweet Suite

150524 sweet suite (33a)Most people like music, and most like a delicious dessert, so the combination is pretty hard to resist. Fortunately, there was no need to resist on the evening of Sunday May 24, when the choir put on ‘Sweet Suite’.  Those who attended (it was a sell-out!) chose desserts from a table laden with goodies, and proceeded to hear a suite of songs and music. From a Zulu folk song to Leonard Cohen, to the Beach Boys, from Sonny and Cher to Spirituals, it was all there. Special thanks go to Choir Director Ellen Badcock for this splendid evening!

Photos by Louise Cooper, Chris Riordon, Cathy Wilson

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Pamela, Doris
Elaine, Cecil
Singing again
Ellen, Pamela
Joy, Carole, Marg
Impresario Ellen
Master of Ceremonies Laird
Sonny and Cher
Beach Boys
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