Refugee News

Refugees, flagThe good news is that we finally have an Iraqi refugee family of 4 who have fled Iraq to Kuwait.  They are a Blended Visa Officer Referred (BVOR) family.  The advantages of this particular sponsorship is that the government pays for the first six months after their arrival and the family arrives quickly as they have already been pre-approved.  We are responsible financially for the last six months.  

This means, however, that we must fundraise $10,000 more to match the government’s agreement to contribute to half of the sponsorship of this family.

If you would like more information or are interested in volunteering to help settle our family, please call Joan Bowler at 692 – 2900 or Joy Clarke at 692 – 6486.

Tax receipts for 2015 donations will be mailed out in 2016.

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