Parish Council Members

Parish Council – 2015/2016

Churchwardens: Ron Brophy  (rector’s appointment) (’16)
 Lynda Turner (elected) (’17)
Deputy Churchwardens Susan Dowler (rector’s appointment) (‘18)
Cheryl Sevigny (elected) (‘19)
Treasurer Stephen Hellard (appointed by wardens)
Honorary Assistants: Nigel Shaw
Bill Byers
Lay Members of Synod Ron Brophy (Warden)
Todd Sandrock (‘16)
Janet Shaw (’17)
Janet Harris-Campbell (’18)
Alt. Member of Synod Kiera Sandrock
Members-at-Large Heather Brophy  (’16)
Janet Shaw  (’17)
Matthew Alexander (’18)
Life Member Spruce Riordon
Ministry Representatives Ray Armstrong, Welcoming Committee
Terry Tomkins, Property Committee
Terry Tomkins, Property Committee
Carol Gervais, Altar Guild
Jane Venus, Choir
Donna Rourke, F.A.I.T.H. (Sr.) Youth
    & Pastoral Care
Kelly Ellis, Kids’ Club & Jr. Youth
Diana Graham, Anglican Church Women
    & Craft Group
Maureen Johnson, Outreach
Myra Conway, Worship Committee
Douglas Frosst, GiFT Continuation
Darwin Turner, Men’s Group
Non-Voting Members Ross Hammond, Rector
Andrea Thomas, Assoicate Priest
Ellen Badcock, Music Director
Sam Hills, Parish Administrator
(Rev Andrea Thomas or Sam Hills,
   Parish Council Secretary)
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