St. James“Whether or not I am there ….

…. my church has on-going commitments every week that need my offering.  My church is important to me, and so is my financial commitment to its work.  That is why I use the PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance) system to fulfill my commitment.”



PAR stands for Pre-Authorized Remittance and means no more writing cheques!  Once each month, an amount that you decide on is automatically sent to our church.  The choice is yours: a monthly withdrawal from any bank account or a charge on your VISA or MasterCard.

PAR simplifies planning and budgeting for the church.  With a dependable flow of contributions, it’s easier to predict income and avoid bank overdrafts and paperwork!

PAR is a safe and straightforward way to make your financial contribution to St. James.  Many of us are already paying household bills or making regular donations to other charities using this system.  Why not add St. James?

Set-up takes only a few minutes.  Simply complete the form on the reverse side of this brochure and either place it on the collection plate in an envelope addressed to Gaye Scott, or leave it with Sam in the church office.  The process and your participation in PAR are completely confidential.


How can I join PAR?  The authorization form is on the reverse side of this brochure.  Fill the form out completely and legibly with your credit card information or attach a voided cheque.  Put everything in an envelope addressed to Gaye Scott and place it on the collection plate during service or leave it in the church office.

When do payments take effect?  Withdrawals or charges are posted on your account around the 20th day of each month.

Is there a minimum offering amount under PAR?  Not at all!  You can give any amount, and you can change your monthly contribution at any time.

What do I do during the offertory?  Smile at the sidesperson and relax, knowing that you didn’t have to scramble for your envelope!

Can I designate my offerings to more than one recipient?  Absolutely!  You decide where your offering goes.  You can divide your monthly contribution between general church expenses and initiatives like outreach programmes (i.e. PWRDF).  You can also continue to give by envelope to support other initiatives during the year.

Can I make changes to my PAR offering?  You can change anything at any time.  Just complete a new authorization form and submit it.  In order to take effect on the 20th of the month, changes must be provided to Gaye by the 5th of that month.

How popular is PAR at St. James?  It’s catching on!  The number of parishioners using PAR has steadily increased since its introduction, and now, over 50% of contributions to St. James are made through PAR.

Once you see how PAR makes life easier for you and our church, it’s a win-win for everyone!

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