Choir 2014

Ellen Badcock joined us as Director in January 2013. This photo, taken on April 27, 2014,  is the first “official” one in which she appears.  Note: three people in the picture weren’t actually there that day.  Can you spot them?

Click on image for a slightly larger version

140427 choir3a

Front row: Heather Fogo, Carole Armstrong, Kiera Sandrock, Cathy Wilson, Elaine Stanley, Pam Spurway, Ellen Badcock, Jane Venus, Marian Falconer (former member, visiting), Penny  Sisson

Second/third row: Todd Sandrock, Marg Moloney, Pamela Best, Derek Graham, Diana Graham, Spruce Riordon, Doris Cole, Laird Shutt, Wayne Whitney, Shelley Crowley, Frank Sisson, Louise Cooper, Joy Clarke, David Huddleson, Terry Tomkins, Cecil Stanley

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