GIFT and Vision Update

St James Anglican Church

GIFT and Vision Update – June 2013 

 The fundraising stage of GIFT was a tremendous success, and we are now working to deliver on the parish vision. Our vision: to live in the ways of Jesus by learning, teaching, and sharing through Worship, Education, Fellowship, and Outreach in the communities we serve.

 We received pledges of $502,475 over 5 years, with $146,500 allocated to the Diocese and the remainder, just over $350,000 coming to St James. To date we have collected almost $40,000 of our share, enough to get a start our initial projects.

 The first priority identified in the vision process was hiring an associate priest. The Reverend Andrea Thomas joined St James in May, and brings extensive experience in spiritual direction and companioning the bereaved. The addition of Andrea to our parish is increasing our ministry and outreach activities, and expanding our reach.

 The second priority is reconfiguring the office space to accommodate our growth. The plans were approved at a special vestry on June 16, and the work is expected to begin in early September.

 Below is a summary of new or increased activity, thanks to both the GIFT funding and the increase in energy we are seeing in the parish. More activities are in planning for the fall and winter months.


  • Increased frequency in regular pastoral care visits
  • Providing spiritual companionship for people going through grief or living with mental health issues
  • More active involvement with community planning processes


  • Hired staff to run a children’s program on Sundays during the summer
  • Increase in amount of planning with parish leaders around ministries to seniors and to children & families


  • Monthly seniors’ lunch, beginning this fall
  • Get Working Café, support group for unemployed and underemployed people in our community, every Monday morning


  • Regularly scheduled time of meditation for women planned for the fall
  • This summer: 2 Sunday services (instead of one); children’s programming at 9:30 service (instead of none);
  • Midweek worship/fellowship for those away on the weekends during the summer
St James Anglican Church
1138 Bridge Street
Manotick, Ontario K4M 1A3
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