Proud to Protect Refugees

refugeesThe Canadian Council for Refugees and other organizations announced the launch of a campaign designed to transform the conversation about refugees in Canada. Under the banner ‘Proud to Protect Refugees’, 4 April (Refugee Rights Day) saw the launch of new efforts to promote a positive vision of what we want for refugees and of the important contributions refugees make to our communities.

“At its best, Canada’s response to refugees makes us all proud,” said Loly Rico, President of the Canadian Council for Refugees. “Twenty-three years ago, I came to Canada as a refugee with my family and we were welcomed. I want to make sure that Canada’s tradition of a warm welcome and protection remains strong.”

“Refugees suffer human rights abuses because of who they are, or what they believe. Amnesty International is proud to endorse a campaign to protect refugee rights to life, liberty and security of the person,” said Gloria Nafziger of Amnesty International Canada.

The Most Reverend Fred Hiltz, Archbishop and Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada stated,“This campaign is a wonderful opportunity to learn and spread the word about the gospel imperative to reach out to millions of the most vulnerable and at risk people in the world, to respond to their hope for new beginnings, to welcome and be transformed by their presence, voice and heart in our midst.”

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