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September 2012
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From Father Ross…

I’d like to take this opportunity to expand upon one of the five Core Values that we affirmed as a parish this last year.

“Community: We believe that God’s relationship with us is reflected incommunity – our parish, the places where we live and the larger world to which we are connected in many different ways.”

Throughout scripture, the story of God engaged with the human race is most often placed in the context of community – some small, like Abraham’s family; and some large, like the nation of Israel.

Jesus was ‘in community’ with a group of at least twelve people (mostly the men were named, but we also know about Mary Magdalene as well as Martha and Mary, the sisters of Lazarus). The Apostle Paul, one of the first great promoters of Christianity always travelled and worked with others, and in each new location went looking for the group of existing God Believers if he could find them.

As we make plans for this fall here at St James we are definitely thinking about making the Worship experiences enriching for each of us; for people of all generations we are planning different learning (education) opportunities; and serious thought is being given to how to reach out to those in need close to us, as well as far away in other parts of the world.  All of these will bring us together, and most of our ministries require that we actually work together, not just be in the same building. One term for that kind of community building is Fellowship.

The very nature of the ministry of Jesus calls us to look beyond our own special group of friends to those around us as well.  And so, the community connections continue to ripple out with the hope and love of God as our renewing energy for all that we are called to be and do.

Please join us this fall as we continue to define and live out what ‘Community’ means for us here at St James. You will see some of the opportunities for involvement listed in this newsletter.

Fr. Ross +

Event Updates – Save the Date!


Sun. Sept. 9th – return to 8:15 & 10 a.m. services

Mon. Sept. 10th – GIFT campaign information session -7 pm Tomkins Hall
Sun. Sept. 16th
“Kick off” of Church School classes.
Craft Group “Open House” following the service.

ACW meeting after church.  All women welcome!

Mon. Sept. 17th – Confirmation Plus – 7 pm – location to be determined
Sun. Sept. 23rd – GIFT Campaign launch (see below) & “Back to Church” Sunday
followed by coffee after the 8:15 service and lunch after the 10 am service.
Wed. Sept. 26th – Youth group – 6 pm Tomkins Hall
Heather Geddie

Sun. Sept. 30th – South Ottawa Race Day

The F.A.I.T.H youth group invite all members of the parish to join their team Heather’s Faith on September 30th to walk or run in the South Ottawa race day.  This race is in memory of Heather Geddes a former parishioner, warden, Church school teacher. All funds raised will go to brain cancer research.

Sun. Oct. 14th – after 10 am service (tentative date)

F.A.I.T.H. team will serve a family-friendly lunch and do a presentation

on the C.L.A.Y. 2012 conference. The CLAY youth team are back from an amazing time in Saskatoon and are anxious to show and tell their parish family about their experience at the 2012 Gathering and to thank everyone for their generous support.


Launching the GIFT Campaign


Located in this growing part of our metropolitan area we as a parish are given the opportunity to be a beacon of life and hope, of help and support to an increasing population – especially the number of families with young children and the number of seniors.

Some will be living with desperate challenges; others will be looking for a foundation for their spiritual development and for direction in living out their lives to the best of their ability.

Many of them will be looking for a community which is not only comfortable with but also firmly rooted in its Christian heritage; is clearly building for future generations; has a generous outlook on the world and its needs; welcomes and engages each other as well as newcomers; and takes seriously the call to work together in community – at all levels.

That is the kind of a faith community we understand ourselves to be: Christian, growing from generation to generation, generous, hospitable and community-building. The kind of community that can faithfully live out the Gospel in a way that calls people to transform lives as we follow Jesus. Jesus, the one who called himself the bread of heaven – the source of an ever-living, ever-regenerating life that serves the world which God loves.

As we consider the practical implications of living out such a vision, the natural question is how do we manage that? Where will the money come from; who will be doing all this work; can we accommodate anything more that we are already doing here in this building?

A couple of synods ago, representatives of parishes across the diocese, including ours,voted for a major fundraising campaign – Growing in Faith Together, or GIFT. Since then, our Parish Council has been actively listening to needs of our communities and hopes of our parishioners to identify activities that will form the foundation of our participation in GIFT. Beginning with the official launch on September 23, GIFT will help us realise the vision of our parish and ourdiocese for the next five years, and ultimately into a new generation. A vision to share Jesus with our community through Worship, Fellowship, Education, and Outreach.

The prayer written for the GIFT Campaign includes these lines, which could serve just as well for our own vision:

God nurtures the church, loving communities of faith, deepening our relationship with God and with one another. 


God blesses us with generous hearts so that we may support the outcast, the hungry, the sick and all those who long for intimacy with Jesus.

Please join us on Sunday, September 23 for the formal launch of the campaign at the morning services, and then for a light lunch after the 10:00 am service where you will have the opportunity to discuss in more detail with the GIFT committee, parish council, and other members of the parish.


Yours in Christ, St. James GIFT Committee
Phil Whittall, Honourary  Chair
Jim Sevigny, Chair
Reverend Ross Hammond
Ray Armstrong
Heather Brophy
John Collins
Myra Conway
Douglas Frosst


 St. James ACW


Did you know…

…that the first Ladies Guild meeting was held at St. James on 13th April, 1893? These were the early beginnings of the ACW. Here at St. James this has been a very proud tradition, since 1876.


Since 2009, the ACW has been pursuing its good works without the leadership of a President. In the meantime, the ACW hasn’t missed a beat and continues to support its many ministries.

The role of President is not such an arduous task, same agenda every month, same objectives every year.  But it is an important one as St. James tries to redefine its mission for the years to come.  As we reshape our parish ministries, the ACW will continue to support outreach initiatives and many other parish objectives. This is indeed a time for renewal at St. James, and an opportunity for the ACW to be re-energized with new leadership.


If you feel this is a ministry you would like to lead, please contact me.

We will be holding an A.C.W. meeting on Sunday, September 16 after the 10 a.m. service.  Lunch will be provided.  On the agenda will be the St. James Christmas Fayre, one of our major fundraisers.  We hope to see a good turnout.  Many hands make light work. (And it’s fun)


Yours in Christ

Past President

Heather Brophy

Please keep the Christmas Fayre in mind when making up your pickles, chutneys and jams.
Any donations will be gratefully received.
Everyone loves homemade!

Hrvoje's departure
On Sunday August 5 we bid farewell to Hrvoje Peric, our friend, mentor and music director for almost three years.  Hrvoje accepted a position with the Conservatory of Music at Medicine Hat College.  We wish Hrvoje, Natalia and their boys the very best as they move on to a new chapter in their lives


For photos of the farewell click here.
 “There are different kinds of gifts,
the same Spirit distributes them.”
1 Corinthians 12:4
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