Adieu to Hrvoje

The parish turned out on Sunday August 5 to say farewell to Hrvoje Peric, our friend, mentor and music director for almost three years. He has taught us all new music, and has challenged the choir, encouraging them to excel as they lead in the music of worship to the glory of God. Now he moves on to a new chapter in his career, having accepted a position with the Conservatory of Music at Medicine Hat College.

As a warden, acting on behalf of the parish at large, Wayne Whitney presented Hrvoje with an artistic treasure: the late Hugh Best’s personal copy of his own ink drawing of the church. Choir president Jane Venus then presented a framed copy of the most recent choir photo (the official one), as well as a copy of the unofficial one taken at the same time.

All of us will miss you, Hrvoje, and we wish you and Natalia and the boys the very best as you take up this new post.

Top photo by Frank Sisson

The Unofficial One

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Hrvoje and Ross
Hrvoje and Pamela
Laird and Connie
Hrvoje and Larry
Louise, Joy, and Cathy
Our sign says it
We gather together
Wayne presents....
Hugh Best's own drawing of the church
Jane, on behalf of the choir presents ...
The choir photo, 2011
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