April 2012

St. James Anglican Church

    April, 2012

From Fr. Ross…

Do you ever wonder if the church – St James, in particular – does any real good? If you were privileged, as I am, to hear from people and read letters and cards of thanks that we receive you would know that the answer is “Yes!”


Take the sign for instance – you know, the electronic sign out front that has recently come back to life. Not only does it provide some very basic information (the date, the temperature, the times of services and events at St James) for those driving by, but the sayings often offer people an encouraging thought or a challenge for the day. It’s a small thing, but people of all ages talk to us about how much they appreciate the sign.


Do you know about the work of the Outreach Committee? Something as simple as delivering a pot of daffodils may brighten up a dull day when given to someone unable to get out and enjoy the company of other people, or who is going through a hard time. Sometimes a shopping trip to purchase necessary clothes for a family in financial difficulties makes all the difference for a stressed mom.


In addition to those very practical, perhaps small ways of serving the world that God loves, this parish commits to distribute a certain portion of its annual budget each year to those organizations and agencies which help meet the needs of people in challenging circumstances. After the cheques were sent out this year, we received letters of thanks with stories of how what we contribute makes a difference in the lives of individuals and families in our community, in the metropolitan area of Ottawa, across our country and in other parts of this world we share.


These two quotes reflect the general sentiment in the thank-you letters:


“Thank you – for being an answer to prayer and for your appreciation of the work we do in serving the world on God’s behalf.”


“Your ongoing faith-filled attention to the needs of (our) community fills us with confidence in the future.”


The Pastoral Care Team connects person-to-person with individuals who may be temporarily or chronically unable to be part of the community, providing a visit, scripture reading and prayer as needed. Everyone needs to be connected and this team of men and women from St James makes this their ministry. Each year we receive cards and phone calls from people who have been visited, and from their families, thanking the Pastoral Care visitors for their gifts of time and presence.


These are just a few of the ways that St James, as part of the broader community of faith, is making a difference for people in our world. There are other ways, too – but for now, let us give thanks for the opportunities to serve.

Up & Coming….

Saturday, May 5th – St. James Garage Sale
8:30 am – 12:00 pm
Donations may be dropped off on Thursday May 3rd,1pm – 6pm or Friday May 4th 10am – 6pm. Garden plants potted and tagged will be accepted. Please no clothing, large furniture or baby seats. Volunteers needed! Please sign up on the board in the Narthex.
For more information please contact Heather Brophy.
Wednesday, May 9th – Movies with Meaning
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come and see the movie ‘How Can A Boy’ and participate in a discussion about the possibility of community support for a Karen refugee family.
Sunday, May 13th – Mother’s Day Family Friendly Luncheon

Ladies eat for free! $10.00 for men and $2.00 for kids.  Everyone is welcome to come and celebrate after the 10 am service. All proceeds go toward sending our youth group to Saskatoon in August.

Wednesday, May 16th – Opa!

Calling all ladies to join us for a fun evening of Greek appetizers, dessert, music and fellowship and to watch one of our favourite movies Mamma Mia. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Movie starts at 7 pm.  Bring your friends and dress for the occasion! Free event, donations gladly accepted for four boys who just lost their mother to cancer.

Tuesday, May 22nd – Parson’s Pub – 7:00 p.m.
Join us for fellowship and a continuation of the discussion from Sunday’s service at Greenfields’ in Barrhaven.


Friday, June 8th – St. James 3rd Annual Golf Tournament 

Manderley On the Green – Tee off at noon, dinner at 6 pm.

For more information visit: St. James 3rd Annual Golf Tournament or contact Geoff Macmillan.

Gifts to the Community….

Thank you!To all who attended the ACW Penny Auction and our wonderful auctioneer, Laird Shutt, his “Vanna White”  (a.k.a. Derek Graham) and Ray Armstrong, who cleaned up the kitchen and dishes. They all did a smashing job. We raised a whopping $423 which will go towards helping the Diocesan ACW mail our “Bales to the North”.


Outreach  Update on collections
Kathy Pitcher reports receiving
12 glasses with cases, 32 glasses alone, 419 soup labels, 1 lb used stamps and 8 lbs pull tabs.

Thank you to all who have dropped off these donations!

Opportunities to Give…

Following Christ’s order to love one another, the Outreach group sees itself as a facilitator and enabler, in some small way, of this command. The Outreach Committee provides three types of outreach,

  • personal contact with needy families in our immediate area
  • responding to the many requests for help from social and religious organizations throughout the year
  • supporting the work of the Pastoral Care team, whose visitors provide human contact and spiritual care to those who are ill or shut in

If you are interested in being part of the Outreach or Pastoral Care teams, please contact Father Ross.


We will again be collecting items for the Bales for the North initiative in the month of May. A list of items needed and a donation box will be placed at the back of the church (Narthex).

Are you interested in fresh air, walking through our beautiful nation’s capitol AND ending global poverty? If so, join the the 2012 World Partnership Walk on Sunday, June 10.  100% of funds raised go directly to funding poverty alleviating programs. For more information visit www.worldpartnershipwalk.com.  If you are interested in participating on a team contact Deanna Hammel.

In This Issue:
Up & Coming
Gifts to the Community




“So now I am


giving you a new




love each other. 


Just as I


have loved you,


you should love


each other. 


Your love for


one another


will prove


to the world


that you are


my disciples.”


John 13 v. 34-35







St. James

is as easy

as buying your groceries

Grocery cards come in $50,100 and $250 denominations and can be redeemed at Independent Grocers, Loblaws, Superstores, Zehrs, Provigo, Fortino’s and others.


Every time you use a card to purchase groceries you are helping the parish, at no cost to you.


In addition, this way of paying for groceries is faster than paying by cash.


The cashier will simply swipe your card, let the receipt print and hand you back your card.


There’s no PIN to enter, no signature, no authorization needed, no cash or change to fumble with.


Everyone behind you in the line will thank you!


Cards can also be used at the self service cashes.


St. James receives 5% of the face value of each card.


Each year we typically buy about $100,000 in cards from Loblaws which generates a return of


for the church.

The beauty of this, is that we only lay out $19,000 at any one time. Roughly speaking this is the equivalent of a rate of over 25% p.a. interest on a bank GIC.

Cards are distributed

(no need to order them)

on Sundays after the

10:00 a.m. service by

Myra Conway,

and during the week

(Tues. – Thurs.)

by Sam in the office.

Cash or cheques (payable to St. James Church) can be used for payment.



If you are interested

in a baptism, please contact Sam in the office at:



or by email at:





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