Stewardship Resources

·If you are about to become involved in your parish stewardship campaign, you may wonder where to start. One way is to consider your campaign in six stages.

  • Stewardship theology
  • Pre-campaign: renewal, mission, vision
  • Getting started
  • Execution: running the campaign
  • Follow-up
  • Programming: the year around campaign

In the material that follows, each of these stages is illustrated by links to relevant sites and documents. Many of the links refer to the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, which has an excellent section on Christian Stewardship.

Stewardship theology

God created the world, but entrusts it to human beings. Each of us has received
gifts from God: spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, and material.
Each of us has a human vocation—our human role in carrying out God’s
divine plan. Our challenge is to understand our role in this plan, and respond
generously to this call.

Stewardship Prayers:
A selection of prayers for use in a parish setting

Stewardship Passages
A variety of scripture passages for reflection

: renewal, mission, vision

Does your parish have a clear view of its mission and the vision it holds up as a goal?If you are to represent the parish to others, can you present a coherent
picture? Before a parish can reach out in a stewardship campaign, it may be
necessary to undergo a renewal process in which it prayerfully examines its
mission in today’s world.These sites contain material which may be useful in the renewal context.

Parish Visioning Workshop Module 1

Getting started

Now we come to the ‘nitty gritty’, the actual task of getting your parish stewardship program under way. What are the tasks of the Stewardship Chair?
What events should be planned?How should you communicate with your fellow parishioners?While the answers vary a bit in every parish, there’s a great deal of material that is common to us all.

  • Narrative Budgeting Workshop
    Module 2 – Parish of March

Parable Pictures (doc)

PAR-ty Time (ppt)

A detailed timetable for planning your campaign

Four-month Stewardship Campaign Strategic Plan Model

Sample Stewardship Plan:
Suggested timelines and activities

Stewardship Committee Terms of Reference (pdf)

Execution: running the campaign

You’ve laid out a plan, you’ve gathered a group of willing volunteers, and now it’s time to launch.You are seeking commitment in the form of time, talent, and treasure. Here are some sites which offer ideas for visitors, and list time and talent needs.

·Four key tasks to encourage giving in the parish

Some key ideas in planning and running a stewardship campaign.

·Financial Commitment Programs That Work

Template Instructions: (Word template)


It is important to have a simple, well prepared and efficient system for following up responses – and non responses – to your campaign. The aim here is to affirm and build people’s relationships with the church.

·Follow-up strategy

Letter of thanks

Programming: the year around campaign

Ongoing stewardship should be a part of parish life.The concept should simmer throughout the year.Actual campaigns may be conducted every one, two, or three years, and may vary in their focus.The point is that stewardship should be seen as a continuous process, not as an “oh, we’ve done that” idea.

·The continuing campaign

·Year-round program

·The Annual Review

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