Parish Council Retreat

The Parish Council spent two days meeting together, led by Father Ross, with the objective of obtaining a preliminary framework to guide Parish Renewal.  At the end of the retreat initial work had been done to identify for St. James: Core Values; Core Purpose; Current Environment. The following is a summary of these findings, including notes from subsequent the Parish Council meeting of August 2.

Core Values

Christianity – with an emphasis on the Anglican tradition of faith and liturgy
Continuity – passing the faith from generation to generation within the communities we serve
Welcoming – inclusivity, mutual respect, willingness to learn, family orientation

Core Purpose

Within the communities we serve, to follow the commands and way of Jesus through worship, education, outreach, and fellowship.

Current Environment

–       Rapid changes and growth in the communities we serve
–       Stagnation of attendance – are we relevant to those communities?
–       Congregation made up of busy people, particularly those with young families
–       dilemma: “older” people have more time to volunteer, but do they understand the needs of young families?
–       Larger Society – contrasting trends of secularism and radicalism of faith

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