Choir 1951

Although the choir was established in the 1880’s, we have no pictures of it before the 75th anniversary year of 1951 [If you have such a picture, I’d like a copy, please – Webmaster]. In 1951 the choir (below) was under the direction of Honor Coldrey, with organist Peggy Layng.

Saint James’ Choir, 13 May 1951

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Back Row: H. Coldrey, E. Clarke, J. Littlehales, C. Mulligan, N. Norenius, H. Tomkins

Second Row: A. Watson, A. Waterson, S. Cummings, G. Trappitt

Front Row: M. Mulligan, N. Littlehales, B. Norenius, P. Layng, Rev. F. A. Cooke

Absent: D. McCord, C. Chaplin, L. Chaplin, N. Clarke

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