Choir 1991

Less than a decade later, the choir had grown substantially.  Former choir director Wayne Whitney had joined the bass section (and we had moved to colour photography).

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Back: Hugh Best, Terry O’Connor, Andy Bond, Ray Gotceitas, Fiona Trip, Fiona Day, Sue Fleck, Wayne Whitney, Peter O’Connor, Doug Forde, Frank Sisson, Don Willis

Third Row: Don Cruickshank, Judy O’Connor, Paula Baxter, Marian Falconer, Debbie Belanger, Doris Cole, Alan McGregor

Second Row: Penny Sisson, Gail McGregor, Margaret O’Brien

First Row: Heather Fogo, Linda Forde, Leslie Cruickshank, Gladie Robinson

Absent: Ethel McNaughton, Carolyn Jung.

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