June 2011

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St James Anglican Church June 2011

It is
for you
to work
so hard
from early
at night,
to eat;
gives rest
to his

Psalm 127 v. 2

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The summer months have arrived and this year we are now fortunate to have air conditioning in the church.

It will add some relief on those hot, muggy days.


Why not bring visiting friends, a neighbour or a relative to our services?


From now until September 4th, there is just one service at 9:30 a.m.


If you are looking for something to do on the occasional Sunday, we are looking




people to serve  cold drinks after the service


For more information please contact

the office








Offertory up to

May 31, 2011:




Expenses up to

May 31, 2011:




Shortfall up to

May 31, 2011:





We ask that you prayerfully consider the amount of your offerings.


If you are going to be away for the summer period, please remember that the church expenses still have to be paid and that we depend on your support.



If you are on PAR

(Pre-Authorized Remittance) and would like to change your monthly donation,

click here



Grocery Cards


If you are looking for another way to support our church financially, please consider buying grocery cards (for Loblaws & Independent & others) from the Grocery Card Team – Myra, Ivy, Ann

(after the service)


from Sam in the office Tues – Thurs

9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

It doesn’t cost you any more money

but the church receives


for every

$100 sold.

This year to date, thanks to your purchases, we have raised $1,000 and this has been a slow year!

Please help us make the most of this fundraiser.


From Fr. Ross…. 

As part of the Trinity Sunday readings last week, we heard the grand creation story from the first chapter of Genesis – light, sky, seas, vegetation, sun, moon and stars, living creatures in the seas and on land, and the human race.

“And on the seventh day … God rested.”

From the beginning of our efforts to understand life, we have intuitively known about the rhythm of rest after work.  In Canada, summer is our collective time for re-creating rest.

Wherever you go and whatever you do with your summer ‘holidays’ here are some ways to help maximize your rest:

·         Take some time to say “Thank you” – to your family, your friends, the people who serve you, and ultimately to God.

·         Remember it’s not all roller coasters and ski boats: everyone needs some very quiet time all by themselves to simply ‘be’.

·         Plan to create something – hopefully with your whole family involved – just for the joy of it.

·         Tell/write stories about your life and the important things in it. Children, grandparents, friends and travelling companions can all participate and learn from each other.

·         In your resting and re-creating, remember God. A simple prayer of thanksgiving at meal-times or joining others for worship where you are vacationing or here at home helps add valuable context to the rest of what you do this summer.

This prayer of thanksgiving, written by Myra Cohn Livingston, may be very appropriate for summer:

Thank you for the sun,
the sky,
for all the things that like to fly,
the shining rain that turns grass green,
the earth we know –
the world unseen –
for stars and night, and once again
the every morning sun. Amen.


Up and Coming….

June 25-26 – Parish Council Visioning Weekend

The members of this year’s Parish Council will be meeting to discuss short term and long term plans for St. James.  The resolutions from the week-end will be shared with the congregation in a future newsletter.

There will be an opportunity for members of the parish to provide individual feedback in the same newsletter.  We ask that you keep the members of Parish Council in your prayers as we work towards building a plan for our church community.

* * *

July 9, 11:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Car Wash at Jack May Chevrolet Buick GMC Dealership,
3788 Prince of Wales Drive, near Manotick

Come and get your car washed for $10 and help the F.A.I.T.H. Youth Group raise funds to attend the C.L.A.Y. (Canadian Lutheran-Anglican Youth) 2012 conference in Saskatoon.

* * *

Wednesday, July 20 at 6 pm – Men’s Group BBQ. Contact Geoff Macmillan for details.

* * *

Wednesdays at 7 pm and Thursday at 2 pm
every week until the end of August

Labyrinth Walks at St. John the Divine, Richmond facilitated by Myra Conway.  For more information, contact Myra.

Gifts to the Community….

Thanks to your generous donations, 8 bags of clothing, toys, material and personal items worth over $1,600 were donated to the Bales for the North program by our congregation.  Many thanks to all who generously gave articles or money for the women in northern Canada.

* * *

After decorating and riding the St. James’ float for the Dickinson Day parade, the following day the youth served up hot dogs, drinks and freezies to raise  @$200 for the C.L.A.Y. conference.  Even our Mayor, Jim Watson dropped by for some lunch!

Check out the photos at: Dickinson Days.

Dickinson Day float 2011

* * *

St. James opened its doors to the people of Ottawa on June 4th and 5th.  Approximately 43 people crossed the threshold of St. James to come and see/hear about our lovely church.  Those of you who offered to be tour guides for the City of Ottawa ‘Open Doors’ program should give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done!

* * *

Over 80 hamburgers and 28 hot dogs were cooked for our annual church picnic and a variety of delicious salads and desserts were served.  Despite rain clouds all around the area, we managed to enjoy the day thanks to Donna Rourke and her team of volunteers.  Special thanks goes out to Brent Francis for loaning his barbeque for the event.

* * *

The 2nd annual St. James Golf Tournament and Dinner was held at Manderley Golf Course on June13th and $490 was raised to support the Cornerstone Adopt-A-Room initiative.  The rain did not dampen the spirit of the attendees and a good time was had by all.  Many thanks to Geoff Macmillan and Manderley Golf Course for their contributions to such a fun event.

See who the surprise guest was by clicking on Golf Tournament .

Rumour has it that next year, the ladies of St. James will be out giving the gentlemen a run for their money.  The fight for the ‘Most Honest Golfer’ award will be fierce!

* * *

A very good selection of donated summer clothing was received for our Outreach family’s two young girls – their mother called “to express their gratitude and wanted to give a great big thank you to all those who so generously donated to help them out.  Everything was fabulous and the two girls are so very happy.  Thank you!”

* * *

New Website!

The new website for Saint James’, Manotick is now available at www.stjames-manotick.org. This site will retain all the features of the original one, and include some new ones as well.  Perhaps most important, it will allow our website to be a joint parish-wide venture.  For example, the Men’s Group page will be maintained by a member of that group; Father Ross can put his sermons on the site; Sam can publish special bulletins, orders of service, calendar, etc.  Users can register to obtain a password which will allow them to post comments. Through RSS feeds, news articles from the Anglican world can be obtained by a mouse click.

Much of the material on the current site – such as the Scrapbook – will remain on that site for the foreseeable future.  The old site will thus stay as it is, but won’t be updated; it will be a repository of archival material.

One word of caution: the new site is still under development; if you see anything odd in it – a blank page or cryptic comments/instructions, for instance – it’s probably just me trying something out.

Hope you enjoy the new site.  Have fun!

Spruce Riordon

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