Fr. Ross’ Induction

Fr. Ross Hammond was inducted as rector of the parish of Saint James the Apostle on January 5.  Bishop John Chapman presided over the service, attended by priests throughout the Diocese and beyond, as well as former parishioners and friends from Saint John the Evangelist and All Saints Westboro – and, of course, a large contingent from our own parish.  We were particularly pleased to welcome two former Saint James’ priests, Allan McGregor and Nancy Murphy.

The service of induction marks the beginning of a new phase in the life of a parish. Some features of this service have their origins in the Middle Ages; others are comparatively new. This mixture of old and new reminds us that, while Christian ministry has been offered in Manotick since the nineteenth century or earlier, the unchanging Gospel has to be made fresh for each succeeding generation.

We welcome Fr. Ross and Albert Klein to Saint James’, and look forward to many years of their participation as part of the Saint James family.


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Watch video by clicking on the image below. 

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