GIFT – Planning the Future

Growing in Faith Together

The St James vision process began in 2010 with the preparation of a parish profile.  A Parish Council retreat in June 2011 laid the foundation for renewal.  This in turn was followed by parish town hall meetings which refined and fleshed out our vision. We are striving to provide a beacon of hope, a beacon of welcome, and a beacon of sanctuary to our neighbours, be they parishioners, members of the local community, or visitors from near and far.

To achieve this vision, we needed to invest in our ministry and in our church, to be able to reach more people, more appropriately.

Bishop John and Father Ross

GIFT is a diocesan-wide fundraising campaign that has provided us with a golden opportunity to turn our vision into reality. The Diocesan goal is to raise $12 million over five years, with each of the Diocese’s 72 parishes contributing according to their means. The money we raise is divided between St James and the Diocese, with 67% of the funds remaining in our parish. Our own GiFT campaign got under way with an all-parish visitation in the fall of 2012, and our goal was reached and exceeded.

St James GIFT Funding Targets

We are now using these funds to engage for an associate priest, to provide resources for new and expanded ministries, and to reconfigure space within the building to accommodate change. New programs include an enhanced Church School (The Kids’ Club), a primer on Christian education for adults, a bible study, and a periodic lunch for seniors.  A more comprehensive list of parishioners’ suggestions can be found here.




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