Pastoral Care

110912 garden flowers (14b)The pastoral care team under the guidance of our Associate Priest, Reverend Andrea Thomas, provides pastoral care to the members of the St James’ congregation.  All of our team members participate in a ten-week training program which emphasis and encourages development in both listening skills and the ability to respond pastorally when a situation arises. Our team meets regularly for ongoing training and mutual support.

Our congregation has a long history of parishioners providing support to fellow parishioners and their families during times of sickness, isolation, daily struggles, grieving and loss, seeking new directions, loss of independence, crisis or transition, family changes, and stressful events. These are the people the pastoral care serves through visits and in our hearts and prayers.

If you or someone you know would like to be contacted by a member of our Pastoral Care Team, please contact our associate priest Rev Andrea.

Associate Priest:  Rev Andrea Thomas 613-799-8759,


Emphasis is placed on the importance of  maintaining confidentiality.

In addition we have a  GRIEF SUPPORT LIBRARY
These booklets, books and CD’s explore the complex, and often painful, thoughts and feelings that come with loss. Whether you are saying good-bye because of a death, a move or a divorce; grief is grief.  There is a full list of titles on the bulletin board in the church entrance. Our new lending library is situated in Rev Andrea’s office.
Some titles…healing a child’s heart after divorce; healing your grieving heart when someone you care about has Alzheimer’s; dispel 5 common myths about grief; helping yourself heal when a parent dies.  There are over 75 different books covering various topics!

The hands of the Father uphold you
The hands of the Saviour enfold you
The hands of the Spirit surround you
And the blessing of God Almighty
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Uphold you evermore. Amen

Acknowledgement: Header image from Saint Raphael Catholic Church.

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